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Without Faith

A Motherless Child Redeemed by a Determined Spirit

On a path that was leading to destruction, Doreen and her friends drive to a suburban nightclub.  When asking directions of an old man he points the way and tells them, “You see that road. You take that road ‘til you can’t take it anymore….”

Without Faith takes that road, reckless and naïve, Doreen follows wherever the impulse leads, threatening life on every turn, racing alongside Harleys on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, through AA meetings, struggles with sexuality and finally to finding an unshakeable faith with a partner, Lisa, whom Doreen met at a Bible study in Manhattan.  Commitment to their faith and their love for one another causes severe and painful opposition but eventually leads them to an even stronger conviction of God’s love for all.

Without Faith will help anyone who has suffered abandonment, sexual abuse, and separation from God, or knows someone who has. Doreen’s story will also convince the reader of the power of God in his or her life and what an amazing journey it can be.


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